Can You Mix Universal Coolant With Dexcool?

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Dex-Cool and traditional anti-freeze don't mix well. When mixed, these two products will react forming a gel that can prevent your engine from cooling properly. It can even damage multiple components of your cooling system which then must be flushed or replaced which is expensive.

You may wonder, what antifreeze is compatible with dexcool? COMPATIBILITY & MIXABILITY

ACDelco DEX-COOL® is compatible with most other coolants based on ethylene glycol. Exclusive use of ACDelco DEX-COOL® is however recommended for optimum corrosion protection and sludge control.

Similarly one may ask, can i mix universal coolant with any other coolant? No, you can't mix them, and you must always use the same coolant from the same manufacturer to top off your engine. Different coolants have different chemistries of the additives in them. Because of this, you can have huge problems if you use for example half of the needed coolant orange and half pink.

Besides above, can i mix prestone with dex-cool? Yes. Thanks to its unique and patented formula, Prestone Coolant/Antifreeze can be safely mixed with another product within the cooling system without causing damage or gelling.

Likewise, can you replace dexcool with regular antifreeze? If you want to change over to the traditional coolant from Dexcool (I would, I've gotten to see some of the damage it's done on fairly new vehicles) then you need to flush the system. How I've seen shops do this is to start the car up and let the engine run a bit to build the coolant pressure.

What color is universal antifreeze?

Traditional North American “green” antifreeze, the original “universal” formula that everybody used until the introduction of today's extended-life coolants.

Is orange coolant the same as DexCool?

You should know that the term "orange coolant" has come to mean a DexCool-approved brand but that doesn't mean it's really true.

Can I add universal coolant to orange coolant?

The short answer is that you can mix different coolant brands and mixtures as long as they are the same type of coolant. The color doesn't matter as much since it's just a dye.

Is it OK to use universal coolant?

Even so, universal coolants are formulated to mix with virtually any coolant. The makers of these product say their antifreeze can be safely used in any year, make or model of vehicle.

Can you mix 2 different brands of coolant?

Thankfully, the short answer is, yes, you can mix two brands of coolant. They just have to be the same type of coolant. Different coolants do different things, and mixing two different types of coolants can damage your radiator. Check the bottles to see if they are the same type.

Is Prestone Dexcool same as GM Dexcool?

Prestone Extended Life 5/150 Antifreeze/Coolant has been approved by General Motors Corporation to be licensed as a Dex-Cool product. The antifreeze/coolant has been approved under General Motors' extended life engine coolant specification, GM 6277M.

Can Prestone be mixed with orange coolant?

Prestone is guaranteed for all cars and can be mixed with any other colour of coolant/antifreeze, making it the best choice for you.

When did GM stop using Dex-cool?

GM postponed using Dex-Cool in Saturn cars until the 1997 model year because it did not have enough data to make use of the new coolant possible in 1996 models. Geo vehicles, built in conjunction with Suzuki and Toyota, use a different coolant.

Is it OK to use universal antifreeze?

Even so, universal coolants are formulated to mix with virtually any coolant. The makers of these product say their antifreeze can be safely used in any year, make or model of vehicle.

Can I use water instead of Dex-cool?

If you were to just use water rather than the coolant mixture, high temperatures inside the motor would easily boil that water and cause it to evaporate, meaning you'd quickly have no coolant at all and the engine would easily overheat.

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