Should Driveshaft Have Play?

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You may wonder, should a drive shaft move? Drive shafts have a constant velocity joint at either end to allow the shaft to move with the suspension and steering of the car. These joints are packed with grease to keep them happy. To keep all that grease in place, you have a CV boot, a rubber cover that flexes with the movement of the shaft.

Similarly one may ask, what does an unbalanced drive shaft feel like? Vibrations and shuddering are the most common sign of a failing driveshaft. If the bushings or U-joint wear out you can experience excessive driveshaft vibration. This may also result from the driveshaft not being bolted down properly or the unit being out of balance.

Besides above, should there be play in a cv axle? Your front CV axles should have a small amount of play in them. Very minimal movements of in, out, up, and down is normal for the inner joint as these flexes. However, if you notice some movements on the outer joints, there could be some potential fault or damage to your axles.

Likewise, what does a worn drive shaft sound like? Another symptom of driveshaft issues is loud clunking noises. These noises are usually produced by worn-out u-joints. The ability of your driveshaft to rotate correctly is altered if your vehicle has a faulty u-joint. Lack of u-joint lubrication can cause squeaking noises when you drive at low speeds.

How do I check my driveshaft balance?

To field balance a driveshaft, raise vehicle parallel to the ground so that the vehicle can be started and the tires and wheels can rotate freely. Measure about six inches from the yoke end, and place four marks 90 degrees apart around the driveshaft. Number them so that they can be identified.

How much does it cost to balance a driveshaft?

The cost to balance a driveshaft starts around $120 and may cost up to $200. For a standard driveshaft balancing, most people pay around $135, on average.

Should CV axle move in and out?

If you are referring to the front cv axles they can have a small amount of play in them. The inner joint can have a small amount of in and out movement as well as some up and down movement. It should not move at the outer joint. If it does then there may be a failure.

Does a CV joint always spin?

because the cv axle is constantly rotating and flexing to accommodate different road conditions, it can wear out and fail. the cv axle consists of a shaft with an inner and outer cv joint.

Can you spin a driveshaft by hand?

So, yes, you should be able to rotate the driveshaft by turning the wheel. However, with that said, I personally would get under the car and rotate the DS by hand to visually examine the DS and center mount, Joints, etc. There will be a front and rear Ujoint for each half of the driveshaft with a center bushing.

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