What Kind Of Gas Does A Bmw 328I Take?

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premium gasolineThe kind of gas a BMW 328IBMW 328IThe BMW 328 was a sports car offered by BMW from 1936 to 1940, with the body design credited to Peter Szymanowski, who became BMW chief of design after World War II (although technically the car was designed by Fritz Fiedler). takes is premium gasoline with a 97 or higher octane rating—in fact, the BMW 328I is one of the few models that BMW actually requires to use premium fuel, rather than simply recommending it.

You may wonder, can bmw 328i run regular gas? The short answer is: NO! We do not recommend running low grade fuel in BMW's. While a few models might present this as a viable option when reading the owner's manual, Triangle Imports does not believe in that philosophy. The possible negative effects on your car from using regular fuel simply aren't worth it.

Similarly one may ask, can a bmw 328i take 89 gas? The minimum AKI Rating is: 323i,328i/xDrive: 87 335i/xDrive: 89. If you use gasoline with this minimum AKI Rating, the engine may produce knocking sounds when starting at high outside temperatures. This has not effect on the engine life.

Besides above, can i put 89 gas in my bmw? BMW requires 91-octane fuel at a minimum, with 93 recommended, so we did just that, switching between the common forms of premium gas depending on which state you're in.

Likewise, can you run 87 in a bmw 328i? 87 is fine in a 328i. I use it whenever the 87/93 price differential gets much above 10% as it becomes more cost effective, even given the poorer performance & fuel economy.

What happens if I put 87 in my BMW?

The short answer is - nothing. Most BMWs can run on regular gas so you aren't at any risk of causing damage to your brother's car. When you put regular gas in a BMW as opposed to premium, the car will recognize this and may run with a little less power and less timing but all components will work properly.

What happens if you use 87 octane instead of 93?

If the octane rating is less than 91, you could damage the engine and may void your vehicle warranty. If heavy knocking is heard when using gasoline rated at 91 octane or higher, the engine needs service.”

Is it OK to put regular gas in a BMW?

No matter your model, BMW recommends using only premium-unleaded fuel. That's not to say your BMW won't run on lower-grade fuel, but premium-unleaded fuel will maintain its quality in the long run, letting you drive at peak performance consistently.

Why do BMW require premium gas?

This makes high-octane fuel better for engines that create higher cylinder pressures during the combustion cycle. We call these “high-compression engines” for obvious reasons, and while some BMW engines do use very high compression, not all of them do.

What happens if you put 89 gas in a 87 car?

In most cases, the vehicle will run fine, but you may experience less power and a decrease in gas mileage. In more serious cases, you may hear engine knocking or valve chatter because the fuel isn't burning right. These things could damage your engine and you should take it to your mechanic.

Can you mix 87 and 91 gas?

Yes, drivers can mix the two types of fuel. The combined gas types will result in an octane level somewhere in the middle — something the vehicle “will survive,” according to The Drive.

What gas station is best for BMW?

Because Shell paid more money to be the official fuel recommended by BMW. It's all about the marketing dollars and has nothing to do with the product being good, bad, or better. I have never had any issues with it and I start with it in my first tank of gas . Throughout my ownership, I never use any other brand.

Do I really need premium gas?

For most people, burning premium gas is not required, but recommended. There is a reason your carmaker recommends premium, and it's not because they are in cahoots with the oil companies. The simple facts are that testing determined your car runs at maximum efficiency on premium fuel.

Does premium gas last longer?

No, premium gas does not last longer than regular gasoline in a fuel tank. A car owner might only consider the longevity of a car's gas if the vehicle has been sitting unused for an extended period.

What happens if you put regular gas in a premium car?

A higher-octane gas, such as premium, helps prevent engine knock. In older cars that require premium, The Drive reported fueling with 87 octane would almost immediately cause the engine to start knocking. But newer model cars are better equipped to handle it.

Why does BMW require premium gas?

The fuel designed specifically for use in BMW's high-compression engines is 91+ octane fuel. This means that you get more miles to the gallon, because it optimizes engine function, meaning that little fuel is wasted, allowing you to go further on a single tank of gas.

Can you put 87 gas in a BMW Reddit?

Not if it requires diesel. But seriously yes it'll run okay, the knock sensors will do their job. But you'll end up with less power and worse fuel mileage.

What kind of gas does a 2010 BMW 328i take?

Premium GasolineCompare Side-by-Side

2010 BMW 328i
EPA Fuel EconomyPremium Gasoline
22 MPG 18 28 combined city/highway city highway
4.5 gal/100mi
354 miles Total Range

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